Your Great Human Adventure 


Interactive Self-Study Program



  • joy

  • creativity

  • love

  • brilliance

  • confidence

  • fun

  • adventure

  • support

  • impact


  • stress

  • over-whelm

  • self-doubt

  • fear

  • conflict

  • struggle

  • effort

  • disappointment

  • hopelessness

How It Works:

  • 3 times a month you will receive a new training about the relationship between four essential components of your human adventure: body, brain, community and spirit (or higher self). How they interact and how to improve their relationships with each other.

  • Each training will provide transformative exercises to help you up-level these relationships in your own adventure.

  • You will be given access to a private Facebook Group where you can post questions, share stories and celebrate your successes.

  • If you are not on Facebook you may, alternatively, send your questions and updates by email. 

  • I will personally respond to your posts and emails in accessible writings, video or audio recordings.

  • Your experiences in this interactive program will influence the evolution of a forthcoming book which will help thousands of people. 


Benefits and Bonuses

  • You may be invited to include your story in the forthcoming book.

  • Your name will appear on the book's acknowledgement page.

  • You may be invited to share an experience as a interactive video element in the book

  • You will be invited to a private Zoom Party at the end of the program to celebrate the completion of your successes in your Great Human Adventure. 

Weekly Chapters

  1. A Spiritual Being Having a Human Adventure

  2. The Body's Agenda

  3. Biographical Influences on Body and Brain

  4. Wake-up Call

  5. Your Soul's Mission

  6. Friending Your Body

  7. Rewiring Your Brain

  8. Accessing Your Soul's GPS

  9. Overcoming Resistance and Handling Triggers

  10. Creative Adaption to Change


Full Pay


3 Payment

$120 mo.

After payment you will receive a welcome email detailing this program's features and a link to register for your training series. All payments are final and non-refundable after 3 days. 

Premium Upgrade

There are several options for having more support with this series either one-on-one or in a small group. Schedule a 15 minute conversation with me to explore your options.

Maria Nebres 

Transformative HR Consultant


"When working with Michelle, what you will get is pure authenticity, the genuine dedication to guiding you through the transformation you’re after!"