Go beyond psychotherapy, mindfulness and positive affirmations and break through your resistance and fear of change and taking action


Practice highly effective therapeutic methods and tools to release traumas, fears, habits and addictions to release emotional pain caused by abandonment or abuse.


Create your vision and plan for success in wealth, health or love.

From Loss to Success in Wealth, Health and Love

Second Chance Mastermind

You Get:


12 Months of:

  • Live trainings and my personal attention, feedback and coaching in an exclusive group of highly motivated visionary professionals 

  • Projects and assignments for massive breakthroughs in health, relationships and financial success.

  • Workbooks, Exercises, MP3s and Video Demos to increase body awareness, emotional hygiene,  chakra activation, and spiritual intelligence .

  • Quarterly 5-Day Life Makeover Challenges

  • 2 Deep-dive virtual retreats: Soul Alignment and Future Visioning

  • Accountability – weekly written check-in

  • Private Facebook Group for questions, celebrations and additional trainings

Second Chance - Private

A VIP version of the this program is available for those who want additional support, privacy and specialized healing and guidance. Click HERE for more information.

Bonuses: Value Over $6000

Release Your Grief and Thrive:  $2000 Value

6 Trainings, Workbooks and Exercises to:

  • Release emotional stress

  • Heal guilt connected with the loss of an important relationship

  • Transform energetic connections to the past

  • Create positive social relations that support your healing and growth 

  • Revision your life and align your mission to your unique gifts

Magnify Your Mission for Speakers
Pivoting Their Business:  $2000 Value

6 Video Trainings, Workbooks and Exercises to:

  • Activate Your Business GPS

  • Engage 4 action-archetypes to support your mission

  • Heal unresolved issues with authority figures

  • Magnetize your idea clients

No Regret Now New Life Plan:  $2000 Value

6 Video Trainings, Workbooks and Templates to:

  • Envision and set 12 month intentions

  • Design 30/60/90 Day SMART goals

  • Align mental and physical action with SMART goals

  • Enable Emotional Resonance

  • Create an accountability system

  • Track progress and celebrate successes

Here's What Clients Say About Working With Dr. Michelle ...

Lira Kay

Business Coach Launching World Class Leaders

In everybody's eyes I was a successful coach and entrepreneur, but inside I was crumbling. . . Michelle helped me not to just understand and feel through my emotional pain but she gave me exercises to get that pain out of my body.  I highly recommend Michelle to be your transformational coach, healer and a mentor. Her Life Makeover Certification is a rare find for somebody who is serious about making great money with coaching! 

Geri Grossman,

Executive Coach

"I had no idea that my work with Dr. Peticolas on grief and loss would also illuminate patterns that kept me from having a loving, forgiving and compassionate relationship with myself.  

Through Michelle’s gentle, thoughtful and non-judgmental approach, I have been able to review my life’s more darker events and use them to make more insightful and mindful choices, , not only about how I am showing up for others in my life, but more importantly, how I am showing up for myself.” 


Solo Entrepreneur

Because of Michelle,

I have the confidence

to do things and

reach for goals

that I didn't

all those years

I was in the relationship

00:00 / 04:50


12 Monthly Payments of $500


Paid in Full - $5k 

This is for you if you are ready to up-level your impact and influence in the world, have time for yourself and your family and experience more energy and vitality. Sometimes the world sends us a curve ball to wake us up to a higher calling. If you have experienced a significant loss or health challenge, call me to find out how I can facilitate your second chance upgrade. 

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