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You may be wondering how you can take action in these uncertain times when . . . 

  • You are surrounded by fear

  • Your work is in jeopardy

  • Support systems are crashing and…

  • You may get sick and die

This is when you most need to take action, to take a stand… for yourself … for your community … for the world

My name is Dr. Michelle Peticolas.  I’m an international best selling author, national speaker, life transformation coach and filmmaker. I have worked with people facing life challenges for over 30 years.


I am here to tell you that if you want your life to change, you need to change. As a transformational coach, I can assure you that without support it will take much longer.

Crisis invites us to take a closer look at what we are doing and how we are living.


Lira Kay,


Michelle is really wonderful … attentive, insightful, encouraging,

Everything I would want to support me in a difficult journey


Geri Grossman,

Executive Coach

Through Michelle’s gentle, thoughtful and non-judgmental approach, I have been able to review my life’s more darker events and use them to make more insightful and mindful choices

Wind in the Hair

Name Withheld,

Insurance Agent

Because of Michelle

I have the confidence

to do things and

reach for goals that

I didn't all those years

I was in

the relationship

If you are a Professional who is . . .

  • struggling to move forward

  • passionate about making a difference

  • committed to do what takes

One of these program may be right for you:

Second Chance:

from Loss to Success in Wealth, Health and Love


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Coaches, healers and consultants who want to up-level their influence and financial success by creating unique, high-end, life-transformation programs that quickly and effectively change lives for the better.

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Coach, healers, consultants: unleash your gifts and launch your mission by taking inspired action in a supportive community of mission-minded entrepreneurs.

Heal traumas, address triggers, and replace habits and behavior patterns that sabotage success.


Proven methods and tools to heal loss, grief and traumas, and replace habits and addictions with better strategies for success in wealth, health and love.

Programs include trainings and exercises to heal loss and grief while developing  a new life plan.


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