Are you living the life you truly thought you would by now?

Do you desire something more . . . meaningful . . . relevant . . . fulfilling?

Do you have a deep purpose or passion within you that wants to get out

and you have no idea how? 


Or maybe you think you are too old to try?

Whether you are... 

  • A healer or practitioner and wonder whether you are on the right track.

  • Not doing a business right now yet you know there’s must be something more for you.

  • Feeling like you have a special gift or talent you’re longing to share.

  • Or you’re someone who just wants to dive deeper into your passions and purpose...

Read on because this might be exactly what could support you in any of these situations!

It is my mission to wake you up to your own passion and purpose and to make the best use of the time you have left to make a difference. Whether you’re 30, 50 or 75 years old, the time is now to have an impact. 


You are never too old. 


You are essential to those who need what you have to offer. 


When my mother died when I was almost 50. I realized how precious and short life is. She was only 77. She had lived her purpose by committing to her art yet she had regrets for the projects she didn't finish.


I understood that if I didn't start living true to myself, I would have even bigger regrets. I finally understood that only by living my purpose would I feel complete and fulfilled. 

I have worked on myself for over 20 years with a lot of high-end coaches to develop the self-confidence to get me to where I am today. 


I’ve mastered my fears around being my true authentic self so I can claim my power and make a difference in the world. I want to help you do the same.

My Client come to me to:

  • Heal loss

  • Break through success blocks

  • Get direction and clarity on next steps

  • Identify their real purpose

  • Be heard

  • Receive support and encouragement 

  • Become more confident

  • Replace self-sabotaging habits

  • Transform limiting beliefs

  • And sooo much more!


There are millions of people struggling with these challenges right now in the world, and because of all of my special gifts, I created a new program to serve you. . .

It's Called No Regret Now

It’s a 6-week course with videos, audios and a workbook to walk you through how to:

  • Envision and set intentions for 2022

  • Design 30/60/90 Day SMART goals

  • Enable Emotional Buy-in

  • Align mental and physical action with SMART goals

  • Develop an accountability system

  • Utilize templates to track progress

I created No Regret Now because I have been there:

  • Putting others' needs ahead of my own. 

  • Afraid of being rejected.

  • Addicted to approval.

  • Unaware of what I wanted or need for me. 

  • Lacking true courage to be myself.

I wish I had this program early on in my journey but it didn’t exist!

If you long to:

  • Make a difference in this world

  • Realize your gifts or talents

  • Embody your full expression

  • Stop worrying about feeling good enough

  • Get rid of the feelings of rejection

  • Enjoy more time, more money, and to give yourself permission

  • Live a life true to yourself

Then this program is for you...


Scroll down to read what others have said about this program and my other trainings and reach out if you have any questions please.


Don’t hold yourself back from this now. Your time is now and this CAN be the way...

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." --– Marianne Williamson

No Regret Now promises:

Unblock Your Genius

Partner with Your Body


Banish Limiting Beliefs

Catalyze Your Courage 


Create Stress-free Success Plan 

You Get:

  • 6 Weeks of Video and Audio Trainings

  • 6 Workbooks with Transformational Assignments.

  • A Private Facebook Group for questions, sharing assignments and receiving extra trainings


  • Creativity Booster Kit (Value $497), which includes

    • 9 Video Trainings and Demos

    • Worksheets and Assignments to Stimulate Imagination and Creativity

    • Additional Bonus Trainings


  • 4 BONUS Mastermind (group) Calls on Zoom (they happen every other Tuesday at 9am) - Normally this is a do-it-yourself program however, during COVID I wanted to offer more. I know that by talking to me you can have even MORE transformation than just going through this on your own. (Value $997)

Total value of this whole program and all the bonuses is $2497!


Investment this November when you join the program now is just $697 or 4 monthly payments of $220

Full Pay

4 Monthly Payments

After payment you will receive a welcome email detailing this program's features, access to the on-line program and instructions for scheduling your group sessions. All payments are final and non-refundable after 3 days.

6-Week Program Creation Master Class

Speakers, Healers, Coaches and Change-Makers:

Bridge Over a Lake


In just over 30 minutes Dr. Michelle helped me identify the root of what was holding me back. I was able to release the negativity I had been carrying around for a couple months, shift my energy and know exactly what to do to move forward in having a happy relationship and getting my energy back so I can move forward in my business.

Lisa Shook, Professional Hypnotherapist Coach and Healer for Global Women


In everybody's eyes I was a successful coach and entrepreneur, but inside I was crumbling. . .Michelle helped me not to just understand and feel through my emotional pain but she gave me exercises to get that pain out of my body.  I highly recommend Michelle to be your transformational coach, healer and a mentor. Her Life Makeover Certification is a rare find for somebody who is serious about making great money with coaching! 


Lira Kay, Business Coach Launching World-Class Leaders


Michelle is a rare gem when it comes to helping others overcome deep fears borne from loss in general. I immediately loved her energy and warm approach and was quickly intrigued by what she had to offer – so much so that I joined one of her groups for my ongoing learning for public relations and speaking to large audiences. When working with Michelle, what you will get is pure authenticity, the genuine dedication to guiding you through the transformation you’re after!


Maria Nebres, Transformative HR Consultant

Michelle helped me see the costs of not leading and moving forward; the costs of not serving at the level I am designed to; the costs to my assigned clients if I was not speaking the truth  they want but were afraid to hear. With Michelle's help, I was able to release the fear and panic and see my heart's service and purpose. I stopped judging myself and owned how I am here to lead people). Thanks to Dr. Michelle Peticolas's intervention, and in a short time I was able to commit to my decision and step up!!! 


Sofia Beloka, Ph.D., High Performance Coach

About Dr. Michelle

Dr. Michelle Peticolas is an international best-selling author, award-winning filmmaker and founder of Second Chance Secrets, a professional training center that enables coaches, healers and entrepreneurs to unleash their true brilliance so they can attract premium clients and make a difference in the world.


For more than 25 years, Dr. Michelle has been helping people reinvent their lives after loss, divorce or major life challenge through spiritual healing, psychosomatics, Cognitive and Gestalt psychology, coaching, speaking, art, films and publishing. Her students use loss as a doorway to discovering who they really are and the legacy they are meant to leave.

She is a featured author in three anthologies: National Best Seller Breaking Barriers and #1 International Best Sellers Step Into Your Brilliance and Animal Legacies.

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