Are Your a Leader? Changemaker? Do You Want to Make a Difference in this World?

Do you have a gift, a calling,

would you like to create a legacy?

About Me

My name is Dr. Michelle Peticolas. I'm and international best-selling author, national speaker, life transformation coach and filmmaker. I have worked with people facing life challenges for over 30 years.


You may be wondering how you can take action in these uncertain times when . . . 

  • You are surrounded by fear

  • Your work is in jeopardy

  • Support systems are crashing and…

  • You may get sick and die

This is when you most need to take action, to take a stand… for yourself … for your community … for the world




Lira Kaan,  Founder

Michelle is really wonderful .. attentive, insightful, encouraging,

Everything I would want to support me in a difficult journey

Geri Grossman, Executive Coach

Through Michelle’s gentle, thoughtful and non-judgmental approach, I have been able to review my life’s more darker  events and use them to make more insightful and mindful choices

Danielle Nistor, Healer

I am very grateful for her knowledge, compassion, kindness and gentle spirit.

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