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Recordings from the
Healers Connection Speaker Series

Click to watch them right on this page. Those who show up live either on zoom or in our private facebook group get to ask questions. We do a laser coaching with members toward to end of each call so listen in to those that share tips on what you want to know


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Self-Regulation Your Secret Superpower

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Feng Shui consultant Dot Claire says "Change your space, change your life." The feel or energy of your house can affect you, your income, relationships and everyone who comes in. 

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Activating Prosperity with Feng Shui

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Money mindset, Rev. Andrea Scott Brown explains, is about changing your relationship with money. How we think about money, relate to it, and experience money determines our circumstances. 

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Mindset: from Stagnant to Abundant

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Dr. Grace Gwitira describes emotional intelligence as a practiced skill that can improve your life at work and home. By using self-regulation you can learn to navigate the social triggers that can sabotage you.

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Self-Regulation Your Secret Superpower


Guest presenter Laura Long share the history and practice of Qigong. Qigong is the cultivation of our own healing energy called Qi. It is the mysterious energy that connect all things including your ability to heal and beyond to higher levels of thriving. 

Laura teaches a weekly Qigong class in the Sacramento area.

Self-Healing Through Qigong

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Dr. Michelle kicks off the Healers Connection Zoom Series with a talk on the  Four Superpowers of a Great Life. Discover how you may have disconnected from these powers in childhood and how to get them back. 

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Four Superpowers of a Great Life