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How to Be a Transformational Speaker OnLine


In just over 30 minutes Dr. Michelle helped me identify the root of what was holding me back...I know exactly what to do to move forward in my relationship and business.

Lisa Hook, Professional Hypnotherapist

In everybody's eyes I was a successful coach and entrepreneur, but inside I was crumbling. . .Michelle helped me not to just understand and feel through my emotional pain but she gave me exercises to get that pain out of my body. 

Lira Kay, Business Coach Launching World-Class Leaders

When working with Michelle, what you will get is pure authenticity, the genuine dedication to guiding you through the transformation you’re after!

Maria Nebres, Transformative HR Consultant

With Michelle's help, I was able to release the fear and panic and see my heart's service and purpose. I stopped judging myself and in a short time I was able to commit to my decision and step up!!! Sofia Beloka, Ph.D.

Sofia Beloka, Ph.D., High Performance Coach

Out-of-the-Box Kit

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Bonus Trainings:

  • Sad Truth About OnLine Sales

  • Upgrading to High-end Speaking

  • Boosting Your Self-Worth

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